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Packaging Materials

Packaging Materials In-Stock

Pallet Stretch Wrap, 79 gauge, 18" wide roll, 1500 ft per roll. We sell by the roll or by the case, 4 rls per case. Please note: with a $50 or more box order, you get the next case price over. (We use this true 79 gauge stretch wrap on all our dock high orders).

  Bubble-Wrap, 1/2" air bubble, 12 inch rolls, perforated every 12", each roll is 250 linear ft. Sold by the roll or bag. 4 rolls per bag, 48" bags. Please note: with a $50 or more box order, you get the next price break over on roll and bag quantities. This special applies to all sizes of bubble-wrap. (Bubble provides void fill and protection against shock and vibration. )

Bubble-Wrap, 1/2" air bubble, perfed at 24". Each 24" roll is 250' linear ft. Sold by the roll or bag. Bag has 2-24" rolls.

Bubble-Wrap, 3/16" air bubble. 12 inch rolls perfed at 12". Each roll is 750 linear ft. Sold by the roll or bag. Each bag has 4-12" rolls.

Pelespan (Packing Peanuts). Loose-fill, 14 cu. ft. bags, anti-static. (The key to safe packaging is avoiding box void. Peanuts are a tried and true way to protect products.)

2" and 3" 3M #371 clear plastic tape, 1.9 mil

2.8" Reinforced Gummed Tape Intertape. Water-activated. Extra-strong fiberglass yarns are bonded between sheets of paper; bonds instantly to all corrugated carton surfaces; adheres well in dusty enviornments.

3M Filament Tape. Strapping tape sticks to corrugated, plastics and metal. Clear polypropylene reinforced with glass yarn filaments. 4 mil thickness.

18" newsprint, 1400 ft. per roll. Economy solution for void-fill.

Kraft Wrapping Paper, 18", 24", 36". Void-fill and cushioning, prevents against stratching.

Single-Faced Corrugated Rolls, 24", 36", 48". Flexible singlefaced corrugated conforms to all shapes and sizes. A-Flute 1/4" flutes provide shock absorbing protection.

Kraft Bubble-Lined Mailers, all sizes. 3/16" bubble-lined provides light-weight protection for products. Peel and stick lip.

Poly Bubble-Lined Mailers, #4 and #5 in stock


 We also sell mailing tubes (in bulk) various dimensions. Please call for a quote.

Gaylord boxes, multi-wall, extra-strong 

Poly-Bubble Mailers, #4 and #5 in stock

Machine Stretch Film, 63 gauge cast, 5,000 ft per roll, high-performance

Poly Bags, various sizes and specs. Please call for a quote.

Steel and Poly Strapping.